Woman to run 285 miles in a wedding dress that ends in heights

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY – Vanessa Reiser will undertake a 12-day 285-mile journey ending in a Washington Heights park to raise awareness of “Narcissistic Domestic Abuse”. The native New Yorker will complete the entire run with a woman in a wedding dress.

She will begin the journey on May 17th in Oswego, New York, and finish the run on May 29th when she is due to arrive at Jay Hood Park on West 174th Street and Haven Avenue.

The distance equates to almost 11 marathons, which means that Reiser will run almost one marathon a day.

Having experienced firsthand narcissistic domestic abuse, Reiser will wear the wedding gown to “symbolize the silent victims who fall victim to abuse by their domestic partners”.

“I want the world to know that narcissism is not about selfies. As a psychotherapist, I know the clinical criteria someone must meet in order to be diagnosed as a narcissist, but I didn’t know what narcissistic abuse really meant like it was for the victims who lived with it until I started researching, “Reiser said in a press release. “I’m part of a tribe now; a group of special superheroes who survived.”

Reiser is a clinical therapist who based her own experience of domestic violence on both the NYC Narcissistic Abuse Run and the nonprofit Tell A Therapist.

The nonprofit aims to connect people across the country with clinicians who specialize in narcissistic abuse and recovery.

Reiser plans to raise $ 200,000 through her run, which she will donate to domestic violence centers in each of the counties she runs through. A full map of her 285-mile run can be found here.


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