One woman made sure she could wear her wedding reception for a special occasion – even after her wedding was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

Sarah Studley of Baltimore, Maryland married her husband Brian Horlor in a civil ceremony in November after becoming engaged in November 2019.

However, the couple had originally planned to hold a grand reception in June so they could celebrate with family and friends, and Studley, a nonprofit lawyer, bought a white polka dot dress.

When the couple realized that due to the security risks they would not be able to hold a celebration that was as “safe and fun” as they wanted it to be, Studley put the dress in her closet and again canceled their wedding plans.

“It went in the closet and it stayed there,” Studley told WJZ. “It just didn’t feel like it was going to be possible to have a wedding that was both safe and fun.”


Fortunately, she found another opportunity to wear the white cocktail dress – her recent vaccine appointment for Covid-19 at M&T Bank Stadium in Maryland.

“I knew this was the dress I was going to wear,” she said of the outcome of her unique decision. “No pretty dress should sit in your closet forever,” added that the outfit became her “vaccine reception gown” instead of her wedding reception gown.

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Photos of Studley wearing the outfit and receiving her first dose of the vaccine were shared on Twitter by the University of Maryland Medical System, captioned, “Here comes the bride … to get her vaccination at the M Get & T Bank Stadium! Instead of just leaving the beautiful dress hanging in her closet for her wedding reception, which was canceled by the pandemic, Sarah Studley wore it to get vaccinated. “

Regarding the reactions at the vaccine center, the 39-year-old said that most people were pleasantly surprised by her choice and that she thinks it added some ease and happiness to the day.

“Everyone seemed really happy about it,” she told the Baltimore Sun. “This is a moment for me to take advantage of the celebration and have a little joy in a dark time. ”

Studley’s choice also meant that her husband could finally see her in the dress she picked for her wedding reception, and the attorney told the point of sale, “He said, ‘Whoa! OK! ”As she left the house in her outfit, which she paired with pearl earrings and an updo.

“Our wedding was an opportunity and their vaccination was an opportunity,” Horlor told the Washington Post. “Usually these two things don’t go hand in hand, but why not?”


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