I avoid taking my things to the cleaners for two reasons. One of them is what if it gets ruined? If I clean it up and it gets ruined, it’s my own fault. The second is what happens when something happens and there is some kind of mix-up and I get someone else’s things back.

Well, one of those things sadly happened to a resident of Williamston. Jayne Kimichik’s daughter married in autumn 2018 and had her dress cleaned by a cleaning lady in Okemos the following spring.

Kimichik told Fox 47 that when she picked up the dress, she didn’t open the box because it looked like the right wedding dress. It was only when she was with her daughter that she realized the mistake.

I brought it home for a few months. My daughter lives in Milwaukee, so I wanted to bring this to her. So we took a trip to Milwaukee. She looked in the window, said mom, I don’t think this is my dress.

After finding out that an error had occurred, Kimichik called the cleaners to find out that they had gone out of business. How are the chances? You are trying to correct an injustice and life is like “sorry for your luck.”

Kimichik isn’t sure what to do with the dress. She put the box down. She found it recently while packing as she was in the process of selling her house in Williamston.

Donating or selling the dress didn’t feel right, so Kimichik thought she would give one last shot to find the owner and posted a picture of the wedding dress on Facebook.

When in doubt, Facebook will get it out. Nobody said so far. But hey, if you want to get the word out, it’s the quickest way to get information there.

If you took your wedding dress to a cleaner in the Okemos area in the spring of 2019 and you haven’t checked the box yet to see if you got your actual wedding dress back, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look!

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