Every year the tried and tested wedding methods and techniques invade weddings, and every year new trends emerge to test the waters. But what does 2007 hold for brides in the US? Lots of flair and a walk away from tradition. Brides step out of the so-called box and make their day unique and unforgettable not only for themselves, but also for the guests.

Wedding dress renovation

Of course, every year is full of new colors, but now brides wear colors on their dresses too. Using a bow or ornament to add a touch of color to the traditional dress gives the 2007 brides a modern flair. A twist for the beneficiaries

classic will not only enhance the dress, but also leave the guests amazed. Even if you venture into unique designs on the back of the dress, you will still get guests’ attention throughout the ceremony. Vintage dresses also set the scene. think of

Your dress as a work of art!

Giving bridesmaids a word

The wedding dress isn’t the only clothing area that has seen some changes. Bridesmaids’ dresses will no longer make your best ladies flinch or make your guests laugh. Giving power to the bridesmaids is what many brides have started this year. If you want to set a color scheme and make the bridesmaids go crazy, go for it! After all, they are the ones who spend the mullah and the ones who end up stuck with the dress. Set a color and let them choose from strapless over the shoulder to spaghetti straps and watch them get excited! It is very rare for all of your bridesmaids to have the same body type; So if you allow them to choose a flattering dress, not only will they look better, but your wedding will look better too.

Dessert comeback

When you think of a wedding cake, the same picture usually comes to mind. A white buttercream / fondant cake with flowers or other decorations. 2007 looks a little different. Desserts are making a comeback, and cake isn’t the only dessert

served during reception. Cupcakes decorated with the main design of the wedding cake come on stage as alternatives to the multi-tier cakes. Even chocolate fountains, truffles, brownies and the like have their own table at the reception. It is sweet

Occasion, so celebrate it with as many candies as you can.

Give the guests a show

Many brides are so busy planning the logistics of their wedding day that they completely forget about the guests. Of course, this is Bride’s Day and no one should fret, but in 2007 couples create more than just the traditional ceremony and reception for the guests. Called “downtime,” the doldrums, when photos drain the couple’s attention, can often lead to a troubling time for guests. During this time, couples start giving guests something to talk about. Showing a slideshow, hiring a band, and even hiring an entertainer are some of the new additions to the reception menu. Perhaps setting up a photo booth for your guests, providing a scrapbook page to decorate, or simply providing disposable cameras can make a huge difference in how guests will remember your wedding day.


Today the bride and groom want to show their own sense of style and taste during their wedding. There will be personal details on every corner, showing guests the true nature of the couple. Personalization of menus, chocolate gifts, cameras, wedding attire and decor creates a consistent theme throughout the wedding. Remember to use the same frame or theme that was featured on your invitations in your wedding menu, place cards or programs.

A grand exit

Together with the traditional white limousine, the means of transport developed further in 2007. Vintage cars, stretch SUVs, horse-drawn carriages, hot air balloons and even boats carry couples away after the festivities end. Think about how you are going to make your big exit and go for it! Remember, this is the last impression you will make on your guests.

Where to get Wed

Getting married in the chapel isn’t the only place to get married these days. The trend towards weddings and weddings in various locations such as country clubs, resorts, spas, public gardens, yachts, B & Bs, hotels and more is expanding wedding ideas / themes to unlimited possibilities. The venues have started to get noticed and are even offering special wedding packages where you can get the full kit and caboodle for a set price. Image just showing up with your wedding dress in hand

and take care of your arm and leave the rest to them!

Invitation styles

Thinking about green has become a national epidemic of choice in 2007. Spread the green in your wedding invitations by considering alternative methods of inviting guests. Use an envelope versus two to remove the handkerchief, or to print on recycled paper

Even the launch of Send-n-Seal is a new trend for this year. Send-n-seals are the package. Your wedding invitation and reply card will be printed and folded on a sheet of paper so that the address can be printed on the outside. They even store postage stamps as only a postcard stamp is required for the reply card! Think about Mother Earth when you mail these ultimate invitations!


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