A good place to start planning your wedding is by choosing a theme. Having a theme gives you direction and makes it easier for you to create a cohesive wedding where it all comes together. Get inspiration for your wedding by checking out these great 2011 wedding themes.

Whimsical tea party. Some of the top colors for spring 2011 weddings are bright and fun hues like spring green, flamingo pink, and lilac. In combination, these colors are suitable for a whimsical tea party theme. For centerpieces, arrange flowers in dotted teapots. Set the tables with very feminine china in mismatched sets – one place setting might have pink and white china, another might have aqua dishes, purple plates in the next place, and so on. Design a candy table with cupcakes, pastries, and cookies, all frosted in shades of lilac, flamingo, and green with fun details like polka dots, stripes, and flowers. Dress up bridesmaids in a range of organza gowns, each with a different signature color. A wonderful detail for the bride would be custom-made bridal jewelry made of Swarovski crystals in pink, lilac and green. A whimsical necklace would be a great accent against a solid white wedding dress.

Summer forest. This theme would be gorgeous with the soft natural hues that are fashionable for 2011 weddings like moss green and mushroom brown. Sure, a forest clearing would be a perfect backdrop for this wedding theme, but it could also be done nicely indoors. Imagine something from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” especially when it comes to wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Ethereal dresses made of layered chiffon in muted colors would be absolutely gorgeous. A pale tea-dyed color dress made of chiffon or an English mesh would be perfect for the bride, and the moss color would suit the bridesmaids. Add custom bridal jewelry made from Swarovski crystal leaves to complete the forest fairy effect. The decoration for a wedding in the summer forest theme should be very natural: loosely arranged wildflowers in shades of purple and ivory, lots of moss and flower garlands between the trees. Bring potted trees for an indoor ceremony and use custom gobo lights to project a forest scene onto the walls.

Retro 1950s. Wedding dresses inspired by classic 1950s-style dresses are a big trend for 2011. Take inspiration from these to create a fun 50s-themed wedding. It could be done in two ways; either classically elegant bridal white from the 1950s or a cheekier retro style with lots of cherry red accents. Use some of the most popular mid-century wedding themes such as lovebirds, wedding bells, and cake toppers for the bride and groom. The bride can choose a dress from the many 50s-inspired strapless sweetheart designs and wear it with pearl bridal jewelry and white gloves. Tuxedos with a shawl collar on the men would be a great retro detail. You could bring some fun things from the 50s like a retro soda fountain with a white capped “soda jerk” that mixes cherry cola and root beer floats. Hire a band that can play 1950s classical music (can we say Elvis song for the first dance ?!) and get ready for a wonderful time at your wedding.

Any of these wedding themes would be fun and fresh in 2011. Use it as a starting point to plan your own unique wedding full of personal details. It is sure to be one of the most memorable weddings of the year!


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