Long ago, wedding dresses for brides were made in various shapes and sizes. It was rare to design dresses for women with horn bellies. Now you would see Brooklyn wedding dresses for pregnant brides. Really, there is no limit to what the fashion world can offer different brides.

A bride is still a bride despite the changing body shape. She still deserves to look good on the most memorable and special day of her life. If you are a pregnant bride, you can have the tailor made them to measure. This way you are in control of how you want your dress to look.

Here are some tips on how to style your dress and still look gorgeous.

  • Choose wedding dresses for pregnant women that cut just below the bust line. With the popularity of baby doll styles or empire waist dresses, this design doesn’t bluntly reveal the bulging belly.
  • Shape the dress so that the embroidery and beadwork are exactly in the chest. It creates a visual balance of the dress. You can also put the accent just below the chest line.
  • When meeting the couturier or dressmaker, wear the shoes that you plan to wear on your wedding day. This way you get a feel for your overall appearance. Because the heels are an inch or two, your couturier can evaluate designs that don’t make you look short and heavy.

Now that you have this design in mind, you can still look like a queen on your wedding day. And that is what it is about.


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