Old ceramic bathroom tiles may have scratched, gone out of style, or simply lost their shine. It can also have gotten boring after years of seeing the same old thing. There are a few things you can do to improve this position. The first is just a good cleaning. The second is reworking when your budget doesn’t allow for a replacement and the third is replacing.

Bathroom tiles can easily become dull from buildup of environmental factors, smoke, or even mold. The simple wall cleaning you do occasionally can remove water stains or obvious grime, but it’s not enough to remove the oils that smoke dissolves from ceramic bathroom tiles. The tiles may be clean, but the mortar stains easily. By giving your bathroom walls a spring clean, you can restore the brilliance they once had.

If you’ve used household cleaners, it could be the reason your ceramic bathroom tiles are dull. Ceramic tile cleaners are available on the market and are specially designed for cleaning tiles. Some are formulated to also remove grout that has been embedded in the tile. You can also make your own tile cleaner with one part water, half a part vinegar, and half a part baking soda. Use either a bucket or a spray bottle. All you need is a sponge. Wash thoroughly, rinse and polish dry. If the grout is still dark in places, scrub it with a brush, rinse it off, and then dry it off. If the discoloration persists, blot it with bleach and clean it off. Do not expose yourself to bleach fumes.

If cleaning hasn’t brought your ceramic bathroom tiles back to life and money is tight, you can refinish the bathroom and paint over the tiles. Tiles don’t adhere well to paint. You need to prepare the tile surface first. This means turning the smooth surface into a rough one. You can do it with sandpaper, but once you start there is no going back. You need to clean the tile with a cleaner that does not leave chemicals on the tile, e.g. B. with trisodium phosphate. Use a large-pored sponge for better scrubbing. Then sand the ceramic thoroughly with 180 grit sandpaper. It feels sandy when you’re done. Then paint on an acrylic latex primer, preferably with a roller. Smooth with a latex brush and let the primer dry. After drying, apply the paint. A semi-gloss latex paint is probably best. Add a second layer after a couple of hours if it looks like it’s needed.

Your third way to fix old or unattractive ceramic bathroom tiles is to remove the tiles and replace them with new ones. The big job is getting the ceramic off the wall. You will use a grout saw with a handled, thick saw blade to cut out the grout. Then, using a hammer and chisel, gently separate the tiles from the wall. Be sure to wear protection for your eyes. You can also use the chisel and hammer method to remove old mortar. If the old glue was chemical, you’ll need to use an adhesive remover that you can buy at any hardware store. Once that’s done, sand the wall smooth.

Laying ceramic bathroom walls requires wiping mortar or chemical glue on the wall and laying the tiles. You finish grouting. You can find detailed instructions on the Internet.

If you are tired of the same old bathroom walls, try a good cleaning and if that isn’t satisfactory repair or replace them. You’re not stuck on these walls. With a little work and a little cash, your ceramic bathroom walls can be a pleasure again.


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