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From family to friends to co-workers and others, we know that finding a seat for everyone at your wedding can take some planning. With a combination of traditional wedding label and modern seating trends, we help you make sure everyone has a seat at the table. Are you ready to tackle this task before you say “I’ll do”? Read on for our expert tips for creating your wedding seating plan!

Create a master seating plan

Make a seating plan in a prominent area to direct everyone to their table: a blackboard on an easel or a gallery wall with names of guests in picture frames, for example. Use the wedding seating plan alone or in combination with place cards at the tables for more formal seating arrangements.

Map tables with escort cards

Wedding escort cards are different from place cards: Escort cards assign guests to a table rather than a specific seat. Arrange a table alphabetically with tent cards, attach hand-written tags or personalize jewelry with the names of the guests. The guests bring their accompanying cards to the assigned table and claim a place for dinner.

Number or name the tables

You can’t go wrong with table numbers tucked into elegant centerpieces or embedded in a DIY vignette of pretty objects. It’s an effortless way to help guests navigate the floor plan. You can also name the tables after major milestones, streets in a specific city, or your favorite songs.

Assigning seats with place cards

Place cards in place Card holders are especially good when you mess up the seating – friends with family, colleagues from different professions, etc. – or when you want your guests to sit in a specific location or in a specific order . When sitting around strangers together, consider putting one of your most social friends, someone who can start the conversation, in the middle.

Ready to start planning? Use our free online toolkit to plan and organize your special day. Still looking for the perfect dress? Book a wedding appointment at your local David’s Bridal or shop online to find the perfect dress!

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