TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tampa Bay Fed ex was recently hailed as a hero for helping a bride before her big day.

Collection and delivery manager Anthony Carvajal learned that a bespoke wedding dress would not reach a local bride in time for her wedding day. It was planned to come to her on a Monday after taking her Saturday vows.

Carvajal said he received several calls from the bride, groom, and the rest of the wedding reception, as well as the wedding dress sender, to describe the situation and let him know what happened … the exact day of the wedding.

The company’s staff were limited as it was a Saturday, but Carvajal went into action and located the dress. He learned it was packed in a truck parked in the FedEx Ground Yard.

“My first thought was obvious after hearing, ‘Hey, the customer called and told me about the wedding and the contents of the package that is her dress. ‘At that point I realized that I have to do something, I have to exhaust all options because she is getting married [Saturday] and without her dress she cannot get married, ”Carvajal explained.

He jumped into action with the tracking ID for the bride’s order and determined which trailer the package was assigned to. He found the special truck out on the lawn and began manually searching for package after package, checking the address of every box he’d looked through.

Carvajal said it took him about three to four hours to search the trailer, but he called the groom immediately after finding the package so he could pick it up.

“I would do anything I could, even if it meant staying later, I would find that package that day,” said Carvajal. “I don’t know what she would have done if I hadn’t found the package, but I wouldn’t let that be an option.”

Carvajal receives the FedEx “Purple Promise” award this month. The award recognizes employees who deliver beyond the level of customer service that “exemplifies the” purple promise “that” I will make every FedEx experience great. “

He said the reward surprised him.

“I am deeply humble about it, I am very grateful for it. I knew at that moment that there was nothing special for this customer to be able to make her dress and that she could go on with her wedding day, ”he said.

“That was only part of my job and I’m glad I could do that for this couple.”


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