A bride-to-be was criticized on social media after her twin sister refused to wear the bridesmaid dress she had chosen.

The woman announced on Facebook that her sibling was “very difficult” and had withdrawn from the wedding because of the frock coat dispute.

But in an unexpected twist, thousands of Facebook users sided with the twin sister and agreed that the bridesmaid dress the bride-to-be had chosen was “hideous.”

The debate started after the unidentified bride posted a clothing photo and complained about her twin.

“So I’m a little upset that my twin sister decided not to attend my wedding because she doesn’t like the outfits I picked for her,” she wrote on a Facebook group.

“I think it’s going to be cute, but it was very difficult.

A bridesmaid has withdrawn from her twin sister’s wedding after refusing to wear this dress. Photo credit: Facebook

“My aunt modeled it and didn’t pull the skirt up properly, but that’s the essence.”

The photo showed a woman in a plain white undershirt with a long pink tutu skirt, which one commenter described as “something a six-year-old would wear.”

Another said, “I’m actually a twin, and if my twin sister tried to get me to wear this, I would hope to God that I could talk her out of this and choose something that isn’t hideous and youthful. “

The bride complained that her twin was “very difficult”. Photo credit: Facebook

Another added: “Just complete the look with a tiara and a magic wand. Maybe a few dollar fairy wings and faux pearls will all run out. “

A third said: “One child is very upset about her fairy tale costume that her grandma sewed because it was stolen.”

But others said the twin sister should “bite her tongue”.

“It’s not cute, but it’s not nearly ugly enough to refuse to wear as a bridesmaid to your sister’s wedding,” said a Facebook user.


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