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Let’s get real here: no matter how much a bride insists that you can wear a bridesmaid dress again, the chances are that it will never see the outside of your closet after the wedding. And with price tags that can easily go over $ 200 or $ 300, this can be a huge disappointment for both bridesmaids and their wallets.

Enter the bridesmaid dress rental websites: they solve the problem of paying hundreds of dollars for a dress that you will only wear once. Being a bridesmaid has never been easier – or cheaper. Here are our top tips for the best bridesmaid dress rental websites to help you find your way.

The 5 Best Bridesmaid Hire Websites of 2021

How we picked the best bridesmaid rental sites

Between planning the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, bridesmaids have plenty to do. That’s why we did the legwork for her and found the best places online to rent bridesmaid dresses. How did we make our selection? We searched for websites that had the widest range of designers, styles, and sizes.

For example, Rent the Runway has gorgeous options in sizes 0-22 in fabrics like satin, chiffon, and lace in a rainbow of hues. (We wanted as many bridesmaids as possible to find a dress that would suit the wedding theme and season, as well as their personal style and body type.) We also took into account any special offers like insurance and star customer service. (Make sure to check out $ 5 insurance at StyleLend.)

What are bridesmaid dress rental websites?

Instead of buying a dress that you only wear once, the bridesmaid dress websites let you rent dresses as easily as you would rent a movie. Bridesmaids can choose from a range of styles, sizes, and designers, and pay just a fraction of the retail price to rent a dress for a few days. After the wedding day comes and goes, just send the dress back. Stop wasting large moolahs or valuable storage space.

Thanks to these bridesmaid dress rental websites, the cost of a three-digit dress doesn’t have to get in the way if you’ve been invited to a wedding reception. And if you’re a bride, you can make things easier for your loved ones by choosing gorgeous dresses for your girls to rent. (Best Bride Ever, Much?)

How much do bridesmaid dress rental websites cost?

The exact cost of renting a bridesmaid dress varies from website to website and even from dress to dress. The more expensive the retail price of a particular dress, the higher the rental costs. For reference, our favorite bridesmaid rental websites have dresses from around $ 30 to over $ 500 – which sounds expensive, but is still well below the retail cost.

What are the rental periods for bridesmaid rental websites?

Again, this varies from website to website. For those who made this list, the rental period is anywhere from four to 15 days. Whether you need a dress for a weekend wedding or a weeklong celebration, you are covered.


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