2021 will be a wedding fight. With uncertainty still hovering over whether certain dates are possible or not, it is difficult to plan everything and also have fun choosing decorations, clothes and music.

To make it a bit easier, we’ve rounded up some of the top bridesmaid dress trends for 2021 so you can make an informed choice for your bridesmaids and make them look modern, stylish and a far cry from the traditional bridesmaid disaster dresses.

Check out some of our bridal fashion predictions below and let us know which trends you love!


The seventies are returning with a bang and – and Taylor Swift’s folklore and more and more outfits are becoming icons – boho styles are all the rage. Right now, dreamy ruffle skirts, peasant-style ruffle tops, and tiered ruffle dresses can be seen all over the market. Her girly style takes on a new lease of life in the folk fashion that she is now worn in, creating an adorable, whimsical look for no bridesmaid.

Little Mistress Aleksey Spot Satin Tiered Midi Dress

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Another trend that can be seen everywhere at bridal showers is the return of the glitter / sequin dress. But due to the boho trend of the seventies that is on trend right now, it’s a much softer twist on the usual, itchy, full-length dresses that dazzle anyone when the camera flashes. These sequin dresses are more fluid, less stiff and add a certain romance to the whole look with an almost twenty year old glamor style.

Blusdh Maya Curve embellished maxi dressStage Eight Jaylin Stripe Dress


Natural prints

The pattern will be large in 2021. Loud, bright and lively, designers draw on the natural world around them that we all got a little familiar with in 2020. This is reflected in beautiful floral patterns, bold leaf and fruit prints, and abstract nature prints that can be seen everywhere at the moment. Big and bold, this is a daring move, but having a summer or spring wedding could pull off in amazing style.

Little Mistress Fletcher Leaf Print Satin Pleated Midi Dress

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Silver is the color experts predict will take the wedding world by storm this year. Another reference to the influence of the twenties: the color is reserved, reserved and looks fantastic sparkling on a dance floor. Your bridesmaids will thank you for the easy-to-wear, muted color that comes with style, grace, and elegance.

Silver Gray Hailey Logan Bead Halter Column Dress

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Eye-catching, dimensional and intriguing textured dresses add a touch of high fashion to your bridesmaid look. Unlike the traditional look, the textured, artistic style is a great choice for alternative brides and bridesmaids.

Phase Eight Gray Zoey Lace Maxi Dress

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Bonnet cutout

The hood neckline is reminiscent of the glamor of the twenties and is subtly sexy. It is ideal for satin and silk. Elegant and timeless, this look is a good work for everyone, which is great if you want matching bridesmaid dresses.

Black - Firetrap - Blackseal midi dress with cowl neckline

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