Despite being a regular op shopper, Lollie Rhodes never expected to find her perfect wedding dress all at once.

As they walked past the window of the St. Vincent De Paul store in Mount Maunganui, Lollie and her partner Alex discovered a beautiful dress they knew would be.

Lollie and Alex were attracted to the tulle details that look like feathers because they both love birds, which added extra meaning to the dress.

After thinking about it all night, Lollie returned the next day to try it on. It was a great fit and didn’t need any modifications.

She says the dress is like new and still had a lot of love to give, so she bought it.

“I just haven’t seen another option for myself that I would be happy to know I’ve already found the perfect dress. I couldn’t even think of anything else.”

The bride and groom say the store clerks are “absolutely gorgeous people,” they helped her put on the dress and made buying it easy.

“I can’t wait to go back and thank you personally for it.”

The dress was $ 100, all decorations were handmade, and they could have their entire wedding for $ 7,500, so they had money to buy a new bed and TV for their home.

Both Lollie and Alex are college students, so keeping costs down is also important.

The two of them often go to an op-shop first when they need something instead of buying it new. Most of her clothes and items in her home come from operating rooms.

“I’ve been an op-shop fan since I was a kid.”

She says charity shops are also good for people like her who are on a budget and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on anything.

“You can still buy a lot of quality products there that have stood the test of time.”


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