Rebecca and Zied eventually got married, but viewers were distracted by her makeshift dress. What did the fans say about their mishap with the wedding dress?

The storylines continue 90 days fiance Season eight comes to an end and the couples walk one by one down the aisle. In a recent episode, viewers saw Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi finally get married. The couple had significant problems before the wedding, and the fairy tale day did not go smoothly. Rebecca and Zied seemed happy, however, and that is the most important thing. But many fans couldn’t help but decipher Rebecca’s makeshift dress.

The couple had fought in the weeks leading up to their wedding. Her 90 days were far from over when Zied revealed that he would have to get married or move out of their shared apartment before Ramadan. The wedding date was postponed and Rebecca got up to make plans in time. Her dress was a problem because the one she ordered didn’t fit properly. To fix the problem, Rebecca had to wear a tight corset over the dress to hold it together.

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Fans were quick to criticize Rebecca’s wedding attire, largely for making it difficult for Zied to wear what to wear before an episode. “It made me think Zied was going to look like a clown at the wedding, but he was the best dressed person there!Exclaimed a fan of Reddit. Many found her Jerry-rigged dress awful and commented on how uncomfortable Rebecca was wearing it. “I bet Molly could have fixed that.Said a fan, referring to the owner of a lingerie store and 90 days fiance Alum Molly Hopkins.

But there were many fans who quickly came to Rebecca’s defense. “I think she did the best she could in a difficult situation“One commented. Some pointed out that Ramadan in 2020 was April 23rd. This was the height of COVID-19 when most businesses were closing and shipping times were far slower. Rebecca said she took her.” Ordered dress from Amazon. At this point in the pandemic, it could have been weeks to reach, and it would be weeks before she exchanged it.

Rebecca’s dress might not be what she wanted, but fans criticize it a bit harshly. The time Rebecca and Zied married was extremely difficult because of the shutdown. Really, Rebecca made the best of a bad situation. In the end, it just comes down to whether Rebecca and Zied are happy, which they certainly seemed to be. Despite their difficulties, the couple smiled at their wedding whether it was a mishap or not.

Fans of 90 days fiance Who doubted the couple will eat crow now after Rebecca and Zied are officially married. Their dream day may not have gone smoothly, but they did their best, and that seems to be enough for Rebecca and Zied. Despite the toasting of her wedding dress, Rebecca is now married to the man of her dreams. So who cares if the dress was a little wobbly?

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