The wedding day is one of the biggest days in a woman’s life. The bride spent an average of 10 months preparing for her wedding and usually over 300 hours picking the right dress, flowers, location, and all the other little details. Regardless of how many details the bride focuses on, there are a few important details that the bride needs to remember. Listed below are the main things a bride should not focus on for her big day.

First, the bride shouldn’t forget her wedding shoes. Although countless hours are spent choosing the dress, the bride often waits until the last minute to choose her wedding shoes. This last minute rush does not allow the bride to properly choose the right bridal shoes. When looking for ivory wedding shoes, the bride should keep in mind that there are many shades of ivory and sometimes choosing a pair of shoes does not go with her dress. However, the most important thing the bride needs to pay attention to is that her shoes are comfortable. She is on her feet all day and the shoes are the only support she has. If the shoes start to hurt, the bride will feel very uncomfortable all day. Hence, the bride needs to make sure that she is wearing something comfortable all day. Whether it’s a lovely pair to wear down the aisle and then a pair of more casual flip flops, the bride should make sure that her wedding shoes are selected beforehand.

Second, the bride should prepare an emergency kit for the bride. This case should contain all of the little things she might need on the big day. These include: extra lipstick so she can reapply all night, a compact to retouch, needles in case her hair falls out, water in case she becomes too dehydrated, needle and thread for any touch-ups on the dress and a small mirror for last-minute touch-ups. Emergency kits can often be prepared by their bridesmaids, but if they do not prepare anything, the bride should put all of these things together to prepare for the big day.

The other important thing that the bride should prepare is the schedule for the wedding day and the contact details of the seller and the bridal party. Having the minute-by-minute schedule for this big day is essential to ensure everything happens on time. The contact details are so important when someone is looking for a supplier. The bride should assign a person and assign someone to each salesperson to make sure the schedule goes smoothly. Now that the entire schedule has been established, it is important that the bride ensures that the day runs smoothly with the main people in charge of the event and the main people helping the bride – the bridesmaids, wedding coordinators, and salespeople. One tip for the bride is to print out multiple copies of the schedule and stick them everywhere – in the car, bathroom, people’s rooms, so everyone can look at it all day and help the bride with timing and coordination.

The wedding day can be a very stressful day or a wonderful day as long as the bride is prepared. By making sure she has the items above, you can definitely ensure a wonderful and smooth day.


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