In today’s eco-conscious world, eco-friendly bridal wear is becoming more stylish and still offers the comfort and breathability of organic clothing. More and more designers are creating fashionable, bespoke and ready-to-use organic clothing for wedding affairs and other special occasions. In this article, I write about my recent conversations with designer Shubhra Chandra and her latest wedding designs for Boston Channel 7 news reporter Sorboni Banerjee and her husband Jarrod Holbrooke of Boston Channel 5 News for their fall 2009 wedding.

A primary desire for Sorboni and Shubhra was to create the bridal fashion that unites the meeting of the heart for two people from two different traditions – Sorboni with their Indian-American background and Jarrod with his Texan-American heritage. The goal was to meet East and West in a way that looks beautiful and rich, but doesn’t overwhelm the reason two people get together. That reason is love, where two hearts are ready to embrace each other and their backgrounds.

In addition, Sorboni wanted to employ a designer who worked with environmentally conscious processes and environmentally friendly materials for their wedding attire. Shubrah Designs has followed these concepts from the start. Many designers who support eco-friendly clothing donate a percentage of their sales to nonprofits that work to improve the lives of poor women and children around the world.

To get the right designs and materials, Shubhra, Sorboni, and others worked together on sketches, colors, fabrics, silhouettes, and embellishments. Fabrics such as yards of Benarasi silk sarees and hand-woven baluchari shawls were sourced in India. Jewelry and brocade stoles were matched in Delhi, hand-made ties were designed to match the clothes. The designs, fabrics, and multiple sessions were combined to create the final outfits.

Sorboni’s wedding dress was a rich gold bridal corset made of Benarasi sari material, combined with silk and other materials. The photo of Soboni’s dress concept sketch can be found on the Shubrah Designs blog.

The blog also features a photo of Sorboni wearing the bride’s rehearsal dress made from a silk scarf hand-woven in Bengal, India, photos of bridesmaid dresses made from silk Benarasi saris, the groom’s outfit and the mother of the bride dress .

If you want to learn more about the latest designs and the eco-friendly clothing range, search online for the latest organic clothing range.


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