Ms. BLASTS future bride for paying £ 350 for the bridesmaid dress she couldn’t even choose and says she would never ask anyone to do that – so who do you think should pay the cost?

  • An anonymous woman from Great Britain was asked to be a bridesmaid by a cousin
  • I went to Mumsnet to reveal that the bride-to-be had chosen a £ 350 dress and asked her to pay
  • Granted, she would never say “no” and “look cheap” but ask others what they would do

A bride-to-be was rated “outrageous” after asking her bridesmaid to pay £ 350 for the bridesmaid dress she chose – but who do you think is right?

The anonymous bridesmaid from Great Britain went to Mumsnet and told how she and her sister had been asked by her cousin to be a bridesmaid – to whom they “used to be very close”.

Although the bridesmaid was not “short of cash,” she went on to explain that she had no say in the dress, but was asked to hand over £ 350 to cover the cost of the high price.

She admitted that she would never say no and refuse to pay, but asked the community forum if they saw fit that she should be asked to pay the bill.

An anonymous woman from the UK went to Mumsnet to beat up a future bride for asking her to pay £ 350 for the bridesmaid dress she didn’t even choose. Pictured, archive image

“You should pay either way, but to choose such an expensive dress and then pay you is absolutely disgraceful,” wrote one, while another agreed: “Bridesmaids should NOT pay for the dresses!” Crass and vulgar to ask for. ‘

In the first post, the woman in question wrote, “I and my sister were asked to be bridesmaids for our cousin, whom we used to be very close.

We’re not short of money, but the clothes she picked for us and asked us to pay for ourselves cost £ 350 each. ‘

I wouldn’t say no and look cheap, but if it were my wedding I would never ask anyone to do that. Is she a friend ‘

She then asked the users if they would just join in or if they thought they were a control freak.

When the woman went to Mumsnet, she admitted that she wouldn't “say no and look cheap” but wondered what others would say (pictured).

When the woman went to Mumsnet, she admitted that she wouldn’t “say no and look cheap” but wondered what others would say (pictured).

Many quickly went to the comment section and wrote, “If you want a particular dress, you should pay for it” (picture)

Many agreed that if the bride-to-be chooses the dress, she should be the one to pay for it – especially if it is so expensive.

“If the couple dictates what dress you will wear, they pay. If you can choose your own, then it is more sensible to ask you to pay, as you can choose something that you might be able to wear again and within your own budget, “one wrote, while a second agreed:

“If she wants a lavish wedding, she should be able to afford it. That’s ridiculous.’

A third commented, “If you want a particular dress you should pay for it, it is too much to really spend a day on a dress,” while a fourth added:

‘That’s pretty steep for a dress! I don’t think that whether you are okay or not is particularly important. The B&G should pay for dresses and suits. I don’t know where this trend of the wedding party paying for their own outfits comes from. ‘

Not everyone agreed, and one admitted: “I think it’s more traditional for bridesmaids to buy their dresses” (picture)

However, not everyone agreed – others saw it as a “tradition” for the bridesmaid to buy her own clothes.

“I think it’s more traditional for bridesmaids to buy their dresses. We always have for the girls.

“It doesn’t really matter, but if the bride expects the maids to pay, they should be asked about the cost,” suggested one.

A second commented: “How did she approach you? I had a friend who asked me to do this instead of a wedding gift. I was happy to do that, but she paid for the bag with the makeup shoes, etc. ‘



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