LOS ANGELES: A cocktail dress Michelle Obama wore while at the White House and a basketball jersey Barack Obama wore in high school are among the rare items for the former US President and his wife to be featured in the celebrity auction connect.

The dress, a 1950s black vintage Norman Norell dress that Michelle Obama wore during a 2010 Washington fundraiser, is expected to raise $ 50,000 to $ 70,000 when it hits Julien’s Auctions, the Beverly Hills company, in December , California, will be up for sale on Wednesday.

It’s the first gown worn by Michelle Obama, who became a style icon during her eight years in the White House and was ever auctioned off, Julien said.

The couple did not put the items up for sale.

“Obama’s personal items … don’t come around very often,” said Kody Frederick, gallery director of Julien’s Auctions. “But every now and then some things fall through the cracks.”

File photo dated December 2010: Michelle Obama greets a child dressed as an elf at the Washington Christmas party at the National Building Museum in Washington. Barack Obama and their daughters Malia (L) and Sasha can be seen in the background.

Barack Obama’s game worn basketball jersey from his time on the Punahou School team in Hawaii comes with the 1979 school yearbook, which includes photos of him.

The white mesh sweater has the name Punahou and the number 23 on the front and back. The jersey and yearbook have a presale estimate of $ 150,000 to $ 200,000.

Obama’s love of basketball continued during his eight-year tenure as President and he converted a White House tennis court into a basketball court.

Frederick said he was expecting interest from “sports collectors, history collectors and those who want to feel part of President Obama’s legacy.”

The two items will be auctioned from December 4th to 6th. The Obama pieces will be on public display at the Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge, Ireland and Julien’s in Beverly Hills prior to sale.

Rulers and the Rule Breakers: How Michelle Obama and Other Celebrities Broke Royal Protocol

Lizard from Oz

Paul Keating

In 1992 the Queen was on a trip to Australia when then Prime Minister Paul Keating was photographed putting his arm around her and introducing her to dignitaries. The Prime Minister was dubbed the “Lizard of Oz” by the press for this gaffe. Years later, the Queen’s private secretary, Lord Robert Fellowes, said the Queen had taken no offense.

(Image: www.keating.org.au)

Make private conversation public

David Cameron

In 2014, the then British Prime Minister publicly apologized and promised to apologize personally to the Queen after disclosing details of a private conversation. Cameron was heard saying the Queen “purred” when he called to tell her that Scotland had voted against the independence referendum. Cameron said, “I’m very embarrassed. I’m very sorry. It was a private conversation, but clearly a private conversation that I shouldn’t have had and won’t have again.”

Young women, happy antics

Geri Halliwell

In 1997, when the Spice Girls met the Royals, Halliwell caused a sensation, first with her plunging neckline and later by pressing Prince Charles on his derriere. Many years later, Halliwell said in interviews that it was more of a pat. She said, “Knocking him on the floor was against royal protocol, but we’re all human. It premiered our movie Spice World in the late 1990s. There was a lot of nervous energy – young women, happy antics.”

(Image: Twitter / @ GeriHalliwell)


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