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We still have a bit of time for the current season of MAFS, but I’ll bet the brides and grooms are already keen to kiss the show goodbye and destroy any memories of it. Well, all but a few contestants who are obviously using the show as a trick to get their Instagram followers and who tremble at the thought of becoming irrelevant.

But anyway! Get this: We just got a tip from an eagle-eyed follower who shared a screenshot of the MAFS bride Beth Moore She tried to dump the wedding dress she wore to marry her reality TV groom on the Facebook marketplace.

It’s called the Shona Joy La Lune Dress and it’s worth $ 300.

She writes that it is cream satin with winged sleeves, a little trace and an open back with a tie on the neck, and she dictates that the button on the neck is “very tight (needs a hand)”

Beth adds that it was dry cleaned, but “there are some traces of dirt from a photo shoot that was done after cleaning”. As for the photoshoot, she’s obviously referring to her MAFS wedding, which is a bit more than a simple photoshoot, don’t you think? The Facebook marketplace is really full of lies, isn’t it?

Check out the ad below:

To be fair, I can’t blame her for wanting the dress out of her life forever.

Here’s Beth wearing the dress on the show, by the way:

We learned early on that their MAFS marriage was going to break when a sneaky insider on So Dramatic! Podcast and revealed which couples are still together and sad, Beth and her boyfriend, Russell Duanceweren’t on that list.

The Rogue Insider told the Poddy that And Andrews Russell Duance was spotted on a dating app shortly after the series began airing. Yikes, it looks like he can’t keep it in his pants, at least until the finale.

Anyway, my fingers and toes are crossed for Beth to get a fair price for the dress, and I hope that its buyer is aware of the demonic energy it carries and is smart enough to give it away thoroughly.

Hell, maybe even get exorcised and blessed by a priest. You can never be too careful with that kind of shit.

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