1973 is just around the corner and Lady Gaga can keep this wedding dress. The pop star wore a vintage lace dress while filming a scene in Rome for her new film with Adam Driver, ‘House of Gucci’.

Lady Gaga She seemed ready to go down the altar on April 7th. Instead, she went for a walk on the set of her new crime house House of Gucci in Rome. The 35-year-old actress and pop star wore a vintage lace wedding dress tied at the waist with a ’70s-style belt and topped with a matching lace scarf as they strolled on the movie set. It was a midi dress that stopped right at the knees and gave her strappy pumps time to shine.

Lady Gaga wears a vintage wedding dress on the set of House of Gucci, which was filmed in Rome, Italy on April 7, 2021. [MEGA]Gaga was portrayed in one couture outfit after another while filming for the House of Gucci, in which the singer plays “Rain On Me” Patrizia Reggianiwho have favourited Gucci Legacy Wife Maurizio Gucci (by whom is played Adam driver). For the film, the production “Access to the [Gucci] The historical archive of the house for cloakroom and props “, said the president of the Italian fashion power plants. Marco Bizzarrisaid WWD. It seems that the production took full advantage of this privilege, considering the many high fashion looks Gaga has delivered over the past few weeks.

Gaga also looked like a 20th century high society figure when she wore this retro mini dress for an on-screen romantic scene with her husband. They were photographed kissing during a boat trip for a scene as they rowed through Italy’s picturesque Lake Como in front of Villa Balbiano on March 18.

Mr and Mrs Gucci #HouseOfGucci pic.twitter.com/HiBjiKz6jZ

– Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) March 9, 2021

The film takes Gaga and Adam across Italy. On March 13th, Gaga wore another dress from a bygone era in the Piazza Duomo of La Casa di Gucci, where she was feeding Adam a pastry. For each of these scenes, Gaga donned a short brown wig to channel Patrizia’s signature hairstyle. However, Adam and Gaga took a break from filming to pose for a photo in another of their branded outfits (as you can see above).

However, this isn’t just a movie about fashion. It’s actually about love and murder: the woman who plays Gaga, Patrizia, has been accused of plotting the murder of her ex-husband after he was killed by a killer in 1995. Maurizio was held in prison for 29 years but received an early release in 2016. Maurizio and Patrizia were married between 1973 and 1991.


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