Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs tied the knot on their 90-day fiancé. Unfortunately, Julia’s ultimate wedding dress choice disappointed many viewers.

After a dramatic season, Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs were one of three lucky couples who made things official in the Sunday night episode 90 days fiance, but her choice of wedding dress confused the audience. Julia and Brandon have become one of the most successful couples of the season, and many fans were delighted that Julia celebrated their happy wedding. Although Brandon gets mixed results from viewers due to his immature editing, Julia is hugely popular with franchise fans. However, many were disappointed with Julia’s ultimate wedding dress choice. While the dancer made for a gorgeous bride, her dress left a lot to be desired for many 90-day fiancées.

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On the Sunday episode, Brandon stepped in and took the wedding seriously after Julia accused him of neglecting her wedding. Meanwhile, Brandon’s arrogant parents were surprisingly friendly as they supported Julia and made sure her parents could experience the wedding digitally. With heartfelt vows, the ceremony was a happy flow of tears. Julia’s short wedding dress, however, was a far cry from the gorgeous floor-length dresses she had previously tried on when shopping for wedding dresses. While the stunning dresses she had considered were chic and flattering, it seemed that Julia had to do things for her 90 days to get married. That meant settling for an off-the-rack dress that wasn’t as glamorous.

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A viewer shared a screenshot of Julia and Brandon getting married on the r / 90dayfianceuncensored sub-Reddit, with the caption, “No, I’d rather go back to Russia with my pride than get married in this dress.” Although the criticism was harsh, many commentators agreed that Julia’s short wedding dress was a disappointing choice. “What happened to all the clothes she tried on in the store? That short dress looks like something from Goodwill,” asked one commenter. “It worked, but I think she’d look pretty in almost anything. Brandon looked like Peewee Herman but he was behaving,” someone wrote back. Another user explained Julia’s lack of time to get a custom dress, which resulted in Brandon’s mom Betty taking her to a big store and helping her pick a dress right away. Below is a wedding photo that Brandon shared with Juliet’s dress:

Others had a more favorable opinion of Julia’s looks, and many appreciated the white tennis shoes she paired with the dress for a comfy, fun, and relatable look. “It’s not ideal, but she did it and I thought she was adorable,” commented one user. “I don’t know what you’re talking about – I loved her look !! She made it herself, her tiara and veil were perfect … I even liked it with the denim jacket she used to wear. Whimsical and unique – loved it! ”Another commenter praised Julia. “I didn’t like the dress, but Julia is so pretty she took it off,” wrote one commentator. “I found her cute in the dress, the sneakers made it like a fun afternoon,” wrote another person. Overall, Julia’s wedding attire was received far more cheaply than that of the other season eight bride, Rebecca Parrott.

While Julia’s wedding dress left a lot to be desired, the gorgeous brunette was still a gorgeous bride. Julia excelled as perhaps the most popular season eight personality. While viewers have criticized the current season for feeling scripted and overly dramatic, many prefer the Russian dancer for her personality. Julia not only went away with a husband, but also made a girlfriend. Julia and her Ukrainian co-star Yara Zaya seem to have become quick friends. Many 90-day fiancé viewers agree to their online friendship and hope to see more of Yara and Julia on other TLC franchise shows after Season 8 is over.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

Source: Brandon Gibbs, Reddit

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