Our nephew was recently married after months of planning this major event. Of course, every detail has been carefully checked. The flowers were beautifully arranged on the altar. The five-course menu has been carefully selected, taking into account the specific dietary restrictions of the guests. Music, both in the wedding chapel and in the reception hall, was chosen sentimentally. The actual wedding, as well as the reception, turned out to be a beautiful affair.

One of the important decisions that had to be made when planning a wedding was choosing an appropriate gift for her closest friends that made up the wedding celebration. After thinking about it, our nephew and his bride chose Italian charms as a token of appreciation for male and female companions who played such an important role in their “big day”.

Italian charms easily fit into any taste of jewelry. They are stylishly simple and yet meaningful when choosing the design. The large selection of Italian charms ranges from fun and colorful to collectibles and sports memorabilia. You can accommodate everyone’s interests with a few simple, careful decisions.

The bride of our nephew gave the bride’s companions Italian charm bracelets. These should be worn during the wedding to compliment their bridesmaid dresses, and to add them to whenever the mood strikes. Each bracelet has been individually designed with a variety of Italian charms to suit the bridesmaids’ unique personalities and interests. The choices of Italian charm ranged from those related to dance for the maid of honor who was a dance instructor to those related to the beach and pets for the companions employed as lifeguards and veterinary technicians. All bracelets have a gold-colored Italian charm to remind you of the special wedding day.

Italian charm key rings were given to the groomsmen by our nephew. The Italian charms he chose were those of professional sports teams. Since all of these friends are die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fans as well as avid NASCAR supporters, our nephew selected Italian charms to support those interests. The Italian charm key rings were not only useful, they also acted as good luck charms.

During the rehearsal dinner, our nephew and his bride presented their supportive wedding celebration with these Italian charm bracelets and key rings. They could tell from the enthusiastic responses that their selection of Italian charms was both meaningful and popular with their friends. Adding Italian charm turned out to be the perfect choice to attend this memorable event.

Italian charms make perfect wedding gift favors


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