Green is a wonderfully fresh color for a wedding. You might not think that finding beautiful flowers in a shade of green would be easy, but there are actually some gorgeous green options for wedding bouquets and centerpieces. This is a guide to help you choose the most incredible green flowers for your wedding.

All green wedding bouquets and centerpieces are fresh and exciting, and many of the flowers on this list are perfect for being the center of attention in an all-green arrangement. If all you want is a touch of green, it pairs wonderfully with almost any color, especially pink, purple, blue, and white. A green base bouquet or centerpiece can also be overlaid with a dark, rich color on the base, e.g. B. a brown espresso ribbon on a bouquet or a vase made of deep bronze as the centerpiece.

One of the most popular green wedding flowers should be the hydrangea. The densely packed flowers of this summer classic make the hydrangea a very versatile choice for almost any wedding style. For a preppy wedding, combine green hydrangeas with pink or mix the green flowers with other pink flowers like peonies. Don’t forget to wrap everything up with a pink and green striped grosgrain ribbon and custom sets of pink and green bridesmaid jewelry for your companions!

Green orchids are ideal for an extremely elegant effect. Cymbidium orchids come in a fabulous lime green, either all solid color or with a contrasting mottled lip. Lady Slipper Orchids come in a lovely soft shade of green and glamorous Dendrobium Orchids can be found in a bright green. The green orchids are great for submerged flower centerpieces as well as for wedding bouquets.

Irish brides can honor their heritage by including Bells of Ireland in their wedding bouquets or reception arrangements. These tall flowers with multiple flowers per stem are best paired with another flower. Their fresh shade of green makes Bells of Ireland a natural choice to add character to an otherwise white wedding bouquet. To enhance the green and white theme of the bouquets, consider adding a sprinkling of green crystals to white pearl bridal and bridesmaid jewelry. This would be a fantastic look with dark blue bridesmaid dresses.

There are other green flowers that can make wonderful additions to a wedding too, especially as part of mixed flower arrangements. Cheerful lime green button poms or zinnias add great texture and a touch of color to bright orange or pink bouquets. Green can be more subtle, like the light green hue of certain lisyanthus or large, graceful gladioli. “Green Envy” Echinacea flowers are a lovely choice to add to a bouquet of purple wildflowers.

Don’t forget some of the little extras. Of course, there is the usual green ivy, but there are less commonly used greens like velvety greenish-gray lamb’s ears, fragrant geranium leaves, and large variegated hosta leaves. Whether you opt for all-green bouquets or prefer to use green as an accent color, one thing is certain: green is a fresh and exciting color to incorporate into your wedding flowers.


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