Longstanding dance with the stars pro Cheryl Burke tied the knot with Boy Meets World alum Matthew Lawrence in May 2019. When she admitted that she hugged her “inner bride” while planning her wedding, Burke lost not one but two clothing designers as she prepared for her big day.

Cheryl Burke from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ | Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

Cheryl Burke’s wedding dress wasn’t like opting for a DWTS costume

Burke is no stranger to working out outfits. Although she has to choose fancy fashion for her footwork at Dancing With the Stars, creating her ideal wedding dress was a challenge for Burke.

“I’ll be the first to say that choosing a dress was a nightmare,” the DWTS star wrote in Glamor after her wedding in 2019. Oddly enough, I knew it was going to be a nightmare. I play dress-up at Dancing With the Stars every day so the goal for me was to feel like a bride, not a show. I just knew what I wanted. “

The pro dancer was switched off by designers who required a signature on some extensive paperwork.

“I went through two wedding dress designers who quit,” revealed Burke. “To be honest, I think some of this has to do with the crazy contracts I was supposed to be signing. Who signs a contract for a dress? “

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Lack of communication was the worst part for Cheryl Burke

Burke felt that she was being put on hold too many times during the wedding dress planning process. She was more used to immediate reactions in the fashion department.

“When the first designer quit, I said, ‘That’s rude, but it goes on,’” Burke recalled. “Besides, I’m used to clothes being processed so quickly that there will be a problem if you don’t send me the sketch and it’s been three months.”

The lack of communication also affected Burke’s bridal party. She saw the radio silence as a sign that the designer wasn’t interested in being part of her special day.

“Not communicating with me is the worst thing you can do, whether it’s an email or text,” said the Dancing With the Stars champion. “Just answer, even if the answer is,” Sorry, I can’t now. “Otherwise, you let me and my wedding party dry. When it happened again, I said,” Anyway, it shouldn’t be. “And in the end I’m so happy because my future wedding designer Romona Keveza was the best. “

Cheryl Burke approached her wedding planning like her ‘DWTS’ role

Burke insisted that those who went to the altar could be a “bridesmaid” without causing conflict. She attributed her determination in her wedding planning to the strong work ethic she applies on the dance floor.

“I say embrace your inner bride,” wrote Burke. “But there is a way to do it without people hating you. … There is a bridesmaid like me who expected perfection from myself, not from anyone else. It’s the same when I dance with the stars. When I know that I haven’t done my best, I can’t sleep at night. It is important for me to meet all expectations that I have of myself. “

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The dancer’s efforts paid off when Burke and Lawrence had the hoped-for wedding with all the special details.

“It’s about working hard for yourself,” noted the DWTS professional. “For me it comes from a sincere place where I just want to do something that is very impressive to me. I would say it was my dream wedding … I dreamed of a vision I had when I was engaged and it was amazing to see that vision come to life. “


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