So much is invested in planning a wedding that often the smallest problems are overlooked. One such example is that of bridesmaids who have to travel to get to the wedding. What’s the best way to pack a formal bridesmaid dress when traveling by plane? And how do you avoid losing your dress in transit? Below are some suggestions on how to show up in your bridesmaid dress like you just stepped out of the showroom.

Roll your dress and pack it in your suitcase like a sleeping bag. When you get to your destination, unroll your dress and hang it up.

Use dry-cleaning garment bags, a regular garment bag, or the garment bag the tailor sent the dress in for easy transport of your bridesmaid dress. These types of bags are designed to minimize wrinkles in clothing.

If additional reinforcement is needed, wrap the bridesmaid dress in a large cotton towel before placing it in the garment bag.

If you are out and about in bad weather, add a large industrial garbage bag at the bottom to prevent the dress from accidentally dragging on a wet or dirty floor. Do not put the bag inside the dress. Instead, pin or tape it onto the garment, dry cleaner, or garment bag that is already covering the bridesmaid dress.

Call the airline in advance and ask if they can offer you a wardrobe to hang your dress on. They usually like to hang a wedding or bridesmaid dress in the first-class closet if there is space.

Take your dress with you as hand luggage. Again, check with your airline in advance to make sure the bag with your dress fits in the overhead compartment.

Rolling up your dress in a carry-on bag is another way to make sure it doesn’t get lost along the way and stays wrinkle-free. Not only can you keep it with you for the flight, but you can also make sure it doesn’t get unnecessarily dirty, tossed around, or trampled.

Once you get to your destination, unpack your dress right away. Minor wrinkles should appear if you hang them up in the bathroom while showering. The steam in the bathroom helps loosen the material and wrinkles should go away. However, if you can still help, most hotels, cruises, and laundry services offer the push for a reasonable price, usually under $ 20.


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