When remaking a Disney classic, it is important that all the details are perfectly recreated. When Belle began the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s iconic yellow dress was at the forefront of star Emma Watson’s thoughts. To make sure the dress is absolutely perfect, Emma was involved in the design process.

Emma told Entertainment Weekly, “I really appreciated working on the dress and making sure it was absolutely whimsical and magical. The scene where I wear this dress and where I have this dance really tells the story of Beast and Belle falling in love … the dance for me is really where the audience starts to see it and knowing that it happens it happens. “

What exactly triggered the design process? The perfect shade of Belle-inspired yellow, the dress is made up of layers of silk organza with a satin finish. While there are cages underneath parts of the look, designer Jacqueline Durran decided to ditch the corset to keep the dress as light as possible. And how about the subtle details: Durran emphasized the look with feathers, gold leaf paint and glitter to really make Emma shine.

To see the dress in action you will have to wait until March 17th for the film to be released. But we hope for more insights until then.


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