The Slater family was stunned during the EastEnders episode on Monday (April 5) when Stacey’s fate was confirmed.

Innocent Stacey was sentenced to a year in prison for pushing Ruby Allen down the stairs and causing her miscarriage.

Her young mini-me daughter Lily did not take the news very well.

After moving in with Martin Fowler and Ruby, fiery Lily vowed to make the life of her mother’s former friend a misery.

When Ruby saw something on her cell phone, she rushed home to find that Lily and Hope had cut up their late mother’s wedding dress.

Martin came in and was in the middle of Ruby and Lily’s showdown.

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As a result, Ruby asked Lily to leave the house.

However, on Twitter, avid viewers of the BBC One soap spotted a huge flaw.

Ruby’s tragic past means that when she was only 16, she was traumatized by a house fire that killed her mother and sister and developed a problematic sleepwalking habit as a result.

Fans wondered how Ruby still wears her mother’s wedding dress even after her family home goes up in flames.

Ruby Allen was furious to learn that Lily Slater had destroyed her late mother’s wedding dress
(Image: BBC)

One viewer said, “This wedding dress doesn’t even have soot, considering it was in a house fire, hmmmm interesting #EastEnders.”

A second wrote: “The wedding dress that shouldn’t actually exist #EastEnders.”

A third commented, “Yes, because it makes perfect sense for the wedding dress to survive the #EastEnders fire.”

“The wedding dress doesn’t make sense, but okay #EastEnders,” added another fan.

“The magical dress that survived a house fire,” added another.

EastEnders continues on BBC One every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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