If you choose to go online, be sure to order swatches so you can see the color in person before buying. Colors may look different online due to screen resolution, fabric choices and lighting.


Don’t wait until the last minute to order your bridesmaids’ dresses. Most retailers recommend placing orders six months before the big day. If you order online, allow enough time (at least three months) for a possible return and changes.


Suppose one style fits everyone

Everyone’s taste and body is different. So take the time to consult your bridesmaids before deciding on a dress. Or, even better, embrace the mix-and-match trend by letting your friends choose their own complementary dresses.

“One of the most common mistakes brides make is thinking that one style will flatter everyone,” says Guagliardo. “Embrace what makes your friends special and unique and allow them to choose a style that they are most comfortable in.”

Be concerned about shopping online

Buying something as important as a bridesmaid dress can feel a bit sketchy. Fortunately, today you no longer have to go without boutique-quality products to be convenient online.

“At Azazie, we offer rehearsals of all sizes so you can collect your bridesmaids and host a rehearsal party from the comfort of your home,” says Guagliardo. “No time limit, no salesperson to push you into a style they think you should like.”


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