Wedding flowers have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in bridal bouquets. A bridal bouquet can be just as important as the dress itself. A small bouquet of flowers complements an A-line dress, while a large bouquet of roses would complement a bride with tulle.

Knowing the theme of your wedding is crucial for your florist when choosing flowers. Knowing what colors the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing is an absolute necessity for the florist so as not to mix up vibrant colors that don’t go together.

Whenever you ask your florist to prepare the bouquets, it is always a good idea to give the florist sashes from the bridesmaid’s dresses. Not only does this give the florist an accurate color of the material in the dresses, but the florist can also tie the sashes around the bouquets.

Flowers also need to be prepared for the wedding reception. It is important that everyone in attendance has bouquets and boutonnieres for every man doing something on your wedding day. In addition, corsages are required for all women, flower arrangements on the altar, church arches and aisle runners, not to mention the flowers for the head table at the wedding reception.

It is very important that you order your flowers on time. Usually a month before your wedding day is enough, but the sooner you order your florist and flowers, the better. Not only do the flowers need to be ordered, but ribbons to match the dresses too.

One suggestion is that the bride have a small bouquet to toss at the end of the reception so that she can keep her main bouquet.

Make sure you have a flower checklist ready for your flower consultation. This makes ordering a lot easier. You can also use the checklist when confirming your flower order the day before your wedding.

Below is a simple checklist for your flower arrangements. However, because all weddings are different, not all checklist items may be required.

Bride: bouquet and flowers for the hair;

Groom: boutonniere;

Honor matrons / bridesmaids: bouquet and flowers for the hair;

Bride mother, groom mother, grandmothers and stepmothers: corsage;

Best man, best man, usher, ring bearer, fathers, stepfathers: boutonniere;

Ceremonial decorations: main altar arrangements, candle flowers, pew decorations, guest book table and doors;

Reception decorations: Bridal table arrangements, head table arrangements, guest tables, cake flowers, buffet table arrangements and rental car or horse-drawn carriage arrangements.

Remember that you can choose as many or as few bouquets and flower arrangements as you want. It is not necessary to include all of the flowers listed above.


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