Most people are flattered and delighted to be asked to be a bridesmaid, and shopping for the bridesmaid dresses is another exciting part of planning a wedding. It is important that you pick a color that you are happy with as all of the bridesmaids are heavily represented in the photos, but you also need to consider the bridesmaids themselves. If they feel happy and attractive in what they are wearing, it is a guarantee that everyone will look radiant that day.

Little girls will look pretty in most colors, so you might not have to be quite as careful if your bridesmaids are under seven, but teenage bridesmaids and adults need to wear colors that suit them if they are to look their best.

There are some “universal” colors that will suit everyone. Soft white, taupe, stone, and pewter go with all skin tones, but these may not be good choices if the bride herself is wearing a shade of white, cream, or taupe unless you want those Bridesmaids in exactly the same color as the bride.

Other colors to choose from that flatter all skin tones and hair colors are “mint,” “turquoise,” “emerald,” and “teal,” if you like blue and green, or “evergreen,” “purple,” or “blush pink” “real red” if you prefer pinks and purples.

Alternatively, if none of these colors appeal to you, you can choose the color you like e.g. B. “Aqua”, and dress your bridesmaids in different shades of this color to match their own natural color. All dresses could be the same style, but slightly different hues, so that they tone together but flatter the individual and still coordinate with the theme color. This can be very effective and any bridesmaid will be happy to wear a color that she knows will really suit her.

Another influence on the color you can choose is the time of year you get married. With fresh flowers in your bouquet, find out which flowers are in season the month you want to get married. For example, an abundance of pink and blue flowers grow in June, but by August the flower colors in the garden have become “hotter” with lots of yellows, oranges, and reds. Pastel tones don’t seem quite right in winter, and equally dark burgundy or pine green is better for a winter wedding.

Once you’ve chosen your best friend to be one of your bridesmaids, it is likely diplomatic to include her in your color decision. Even if you have the ultimate choice, she will be happy, involved, and flattered that you considered her in your choice.


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