The bridal market is changing. Far from the days when it was taken for granted that bridesmaids would all wear the same dress in the same color from a narrow selection of retailers, our options today are more diverse. A number of new brands offer modern, stylish options that enhance the individuality of the woman who wears them. They flatter and improve rather than fuss and squeeze. Here we round up our 10 most popular bridesmaid brands, from those that focus on minimal simplicity to others that are steeped in romance.

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Your own studio

Minimalist, low-key, and contemporary, The Own Studio offers brides and bridesmaids elegant options that they will actually wear again. Inspired by luxury fashion and vintage pieces, founders Jess and Kaye Rosie Williams focus on clear silhouettes and beautiful fabrics. The styles vary from halterneck dresses and silky briefs to reduced camisoles and matching column skirts.




Rewritten aims to rewrite the rules of traditional wedding attire. Choose from 10 existing styles, each available in different colors and with UK sizes ranging from 8 to 30. Either you and your fellow bridesmaids can opt for the same shade but a different style that best suits your shapes, or the same style but different colors to work best with different skin tones. The point is inclusivity and designing dresses that will work hard for you beyond the wedding. If it’s unlikely you’ll wear a floor-length option more than once, Rewritten will be happy to cut it short so you can cover more miles.



Ghost’s feminine dresses have long been a front runner in the arena of chic bridesmaid dresses and are characterized by their signature bias cut, figure-hugging, flowing silhouettes, as well as the process of dyeing garments that results in a vintage satin effect.


Charlie Brear

Sienna Miller, Caroline Issa and Alexa Chung are fans of Charlie Brear’s elegant, pared-down dresses. The brand focuses on feminine dresses with clean, modern lines – this is not for women who crave heavy lace or embroidery. Brear’s simple, contemporary designs are suitable for both brides and bridesmaids – anyone who wants to make romance look simple.


Motee Maids

For some, the idea that adult women, regardless of their shape or personality, all wear the same dress is somewhat antiquated. Motee Maids create bridesmaid looks in similar patterns and colors, but in different silhouettes to best suit the shape and taste of the wearer. Choose from thousands of different options – from long sleeve tops to empire versions. The brand offers uniformity without negating the personality of the wearer.


Les Heroines

The new French label Les Heroines shows its respect and appreciation for bridesmaids through its awesome name. It is a firm belief that the closest wives of a bride should be viewed as “heroines” in their own right. With a mix of individual pieces, dresses and overalls, the brand is a go-to for subtle, chic and feminine looks.



Go to the Reformation and prepare for a real test of willpower – every look is so expertly designed that you will want it all. While the range goes beyond bridal wear, the wedding and casual wear category offers a wide selection. From mini dresses to long sleeve dresses, there is something for every taste and shape.


Needle & thread

Needle & Thread’s intricate embroidery and gorgeous tulle shapes have made it a favorite with bridesmaids looking to wear something special, feminine, and modern. If lace, ornate floral details, and sequins are your game then this is the bridesmaid brand for you. Think ballerina meets Bohemia.



Season after season, fashion editors and influencers turn to the online site Uterque for affordable, chic pieces that pick up on trends without falling victim to them. Again, it’s not bride-to-be, but you’ll find plenty of strong options in its dresses and jumpsuit section that are perfect for getting your best friend down the aisle.

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