When you think of your dream wedding dress, you don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect.

From the top to the train, every detail has to be just right – so you can imagine the horror of a future bride when she restored her grandmother’s 1950s wedding dress and it went horribly wrong.


The bride-to-be was appalled after restoring Nan’s 1950s wedding dressPhoto credit: @ _boringbb_ / TikTok

Hoping to wear her Nan’s wedding dress for her own wedding, TikTok user Julia (@_boringbb_) set out to change the original for her big day.

She needed a little maintenance and decided to have the dress, which is now 50 years old, restored so that it could later be returned to her covered in stains and torn to pieces.

Some things had gone wrong during the recovery process, and Julia pointed this out in a video she shared online.

She revealed that the dress, which had discolored over time, hadn’t turned quite white and still looked dull and off-white.

The dress was not completely white and still looked discolored


The dress was not completely white and still looked discoloredPhoto credit: @ _boringbb_ / TikTokThe vintage dress came back with tears in the sleeves


The vintage dress came back with tears in the sleevesPhoto credit: @ _boringbb_ / TikTok

One sleeve had several tears in the material and there were oil stains all over the sleeves and the skirt.

Julia turned to others and asked, “Inexperienced in restoration. Is that normal or did I choose a bad company?”

One person insisted it was a botched job and replied, “This shouldn’t have happened with the recovery.”

There were oil stains all over the skirt and both sleeves of the dress


There were oil stains all over the skirt and both sleeves of the dressPhoto credit: @ _boringbb_ / TikTokDisappointed with the restoration, Julia turned to changes


Disappointed with the restoration, Julia turned to changesPhoto credit: @ _boringbb_ / TikTok

Another said, “That made me so sad, it’s such a beautiful dress.”

A third gave some advice on tackling oil stains, saying, “Hairspray usually removes oil stains.”

Others suggested white vinegar or baking soda to remove the stains, while another viewer suggested that given the age of the dress and its material, the cracks were inevitable.

The bride-to-be instead considered making the dress strapless


The bride-to-be instead considered making the dress straplessPhoto credit: @ _boringbb_ / TikTok

They said, “Unfortunately silk breaks after a while, especially if it has been stored in folds. Since it broke at the elbow, it makes sense.”

After exploring her options, Julia revealed in a follow-up video, “I was told by two alteration specialists that my grandmother’s wedding dress was too old / discolored to recreate the way I want it.

“I was told that it would not be possible to find fabric of the same material / color and that the dress would crumble like pastries.”

She then decided to make more changes than she originally planned to keep the vintage dress working for her, revealing, “Remember to go strapless and add volume to the skirt.”

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