Amanda Holden pushes out more Ofcom complaints about Britain’s Got Talent tonight when she wears a high-necked white evening gown.

The 49-year-old singer, who replaced chief judge Simon Cowell at BGT, was hit by 235 complaints from viewers after dropping out in a low number last week.

The midnight blue evening dress from September 26th with an off-the-shoulder neckline and a slit on the thigh turned out to be a controversial choice for the wardrobe.

On October 3rd, Amanda decided to play it safe with a sleek white dress with long sleeves and a fishtail hem.

Amanda opted for a reserved evening look for the BGT semifinals
(Image: ITV)

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Preview snaps from today’s BGT show Amanda with her sleek hair combed straight down with gold outlines and lip gloss lashes that add to her natural beauty.

The mother of two chose to wear the fitted white dress while performing a track from her highly anticipated debut album Songs From My Heart, which was released on Friday.

While Amanda was bringing out the song Not While I’m Around, she made sure that attention is focused on her singing rather than her taste in fashion.

Amanda’s stunning BGT dress has been the subject of controversy due to the plunging neckline
(Image: Internet unknown)

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When inquiring about the decision to wear the tasteful white dress for the performance, she told Mail Online, “I wear a dress that goes all the way to the end of my arms and neck!”

The singer asked the audience to concentrate on her singing – “Not on my breasts!”

She added, “Although you can see it very clearly as obvious, it’s a tight-fitting dress!”

Amanda Holden’s BGT performance outfit had a high neckline and a flared hem

The backlash to Amanda’s dazzling appearance on stage has long been a topic of conversation about BGT, despite the fact that the cloakroom department works hard to make sure every outfit goes smoothly.

Defending the controversial navy garment last week, Amanda told the publication, “I can see what people think it had an underwire, you know, if you have an underwire bikini or bra, the end is like a wrong U isn ‘that The end has dug in.

“I was more offended that people thought I either had huge pot nipples or nipples over my cleavage.”

Britain’s Got Talent will air on ITV at 8pm tonight.


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