EAST LANSING, me. – Jayne Kimichik’s daughter married in September 2018, and in the spring of 2019 Kimichik took the dress to a dry cleaner in Okemos, Michigan. When she picked it up, Kimichik said she looked in the main window of the box and thought it looked okay.

Courtesy Jayne Kimichik

Jayne Kimichik’s daughter married in September 2018.

“I brought it home for a few months. My daughter lives in Milwaukee, so I wanted to bring this to her. So we went on a trip to Milwaukee. She looked in the window, said Mom, I don’t think mine is is dress, “said Kimichik.

Kimichik said they tore open the box and saw it wasn’t theirs. Kimichik was heartbroken.

“I felt responsible. And I think she was stunned. You know, none of us thought that was going to happen,” said Kimichik.

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Cali Montana, FOX 47 News, 2021

Kimichik is looking for the owner of this dress.

Kimichik called the dry cleaner to inform them, but was given an unconnected phone number. She soon found out that the cleaners had gone out of business. After receiving no responses, she put the dress away and did not think about it until recently.

“My husband and I plan to leave Williamston so we’re selling our house,” said Kimichik. “And I ran into the box again, which started the emotions over. And I wasn’t comfortable donating it, selling it, you know, or giving it away without one last shot.”

That’s why she went to Facebook, and so far her post has 175 shares. The dress that Kimichik has at home is sleeveless, full of lace, has a hearty neckline and lots of glitter.

So far, Kimichik said no one recognized the dress.

What Kimichik’s daughter’s dress looks like, it’s A-line, lace on top, scalloped at the edges, has a detachable decorative belt, and should be in the box.

Daughters wedding dress.jpeg

Courtesy Jayne Kimichik

It’s an A-line dress with lace on the top and a detachable belt.

“I have hope it’s out there. Someone could spot it, and maybe we can put this back into the hands of the rightful owner.”

So that doesn’t happen to others. Kimichik recommends that people make sure it is their dress before leaving the store.

“And if you have one at home now, it’s a good idea to take a look and make sure you have the right one,” Kimichik said.


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