An unworn wedding dress may sound like a sad story – but that staggering number never made it up the aisle for one of the happiest reasons.

Cork woman Linda Kelly bought this gorgeous Ted Baker dress in 2017 for her planned wedding on a bank holiday weekend in August 2018 with Joe Butler.

But then she discovered that she was pregnant and very unlikely to fit into the dress by the time of her wedding date.

“I had PCOS [Polycystic ovary syndrome, which can cause fertility issues] I thought it was very unlikely that I would get pregnant naturally, “said Linda.

“I went to the doctor with a skin problem and he said, ‘You know, I really think it could be hormonal.’ And I said, ‘There’s no way I’m pregnant,’ but I did a test and sure enough I was pregnant. “

Linda Kelly, Glanmire, with her daughter Amy-Kate. Image: Denis Minihane.

Linda from Glanmire was only five weeks pregnant at the time, but found she was due two months before their wedding. So the couple brought their wedding forward by five months to February.

And Linda thinks that everything went really well.

We got married to two of our close friends at the registry office. We went to Market Lane for lunch and had a couple of cocktails.

“And then we went to the Garryvoe Hotel and had dinner with all of our families and everyone involved in the wedding.”

Since she was five months pregnant, Linda wore a different dress than the bright white dress originally planned.

‘Baby’ Annabelle is now nearly three years old and has a younger sister, Amy-Kate, who is nine months old – and Linda has been so busy she forgot all about her wedding dress, which never had a day off.

“It was in my parents’ house and I totally forgot about it.”

Linda Kelly's Ted Baker dressLinda Kelly’s Ted Baker dress

She would like to offer it to a future bride who may be facing a different type of wedding occasion due to Covid regulations.

“It’s a size 3/12 and has never been worn.”

And what a real clincher can be when it comes to finding the perfect dress … it has pockets.

Linda doesn’t regret not having the wedding she first planned.

We had a fantastic day – what a great weekend – and all of the suppliers were so fantastic.

“The band, the photographer, the cake maker, everyone changed the dates with us.”

Fabulous: Linda Kelly on her 'new' wedding day - she wore a different dress than Rice 'n Rose in Douglas.  Image: Naomi Kamat PhotographyFabulous: Linda Kelly on her ‘new’ wedding day – she wore a different dress than Rice ‘n Rose in Douglas. Image: Naomi Kamat Photography

In addition to this Ted Baker dress, Linda had also bought a more formal dress for her planned wedding.

“Rice ‘n Roses in Douglas were amazing. They took this very figure-hugging dress back and sold it for me, and then I got another dress from there instead.

“I bought the Ted Baker dress on a sale in Brown Thomas, so I couldn’t return it. I’d love to see another bride wearing it now. The dress deserves its day.”

Linda believes she will still be owed a honeymoon if travel restrictions ease: “I think we still have to have a honeymoon.”

If you are a future bride and would like to give Linda this beautiful dress, she can be contacted on Twitter at @lindabtweeting.

“We can of course send it to someone who is in a different part of the country.”


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