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The fresh fall season offers a lot of inspiration for your fall wedding and bridal shower look. Take inspiration from the gold leaves, forest settings, and general fall mood when it comes to choosing a color for your bridesmaid dresses. Do you think your options are limited to dark tones? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Of course, you can go the dark route if you want. There’s nothing quite like richly saturated dresses, whether you opt for a mix of deep jewel tones, various marsala tones, or a consistently consistent consistency with a bold emerald color in classically matching dresses. Black also makes a bold statement and contrasts elegantly with the warm colors of the fallen leaves. One style we really love is the ever-popular mismatched bridesmaid dress look that mixes stunning hues through playful patterns and fun textures to create an absolutely bohemian look.

But don’t be afraid of getting lighter. Neutral and earthy tones embody the rustic nature of autumn and mixing and combining with sequin and glitter accents gives a glamorous touch. At the other end of the spectrum, a dark sage green or husky purple plays the softer side of fall. This shade is an especially perfect choice if your fall wedding is in a location that is usually lacking in seasons. Even a creamy ivory looks gorgeous and chic, and contrasts brilliantly with the vibrant colors of fall. Pair these dresses with a wild bouquet of bright flowers to really make things pop.

Don’t worry about lively temperatures. Covering your girls with a scarf, scarf, pashminas, jacket or faux fur stole will not spoil their appearance. On the contrary, these pieces adorn the clothes and give your maids something else to personalize.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall-inspired looks from real weddings.


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