The wedding industry continues to boom and every year new designers make their names known. However, there are some top wedding dress designers who have been around for a while and are an integral part of the bridal fashion scene. These designers are known to almost everyone and everyone has their own style and certain trends associated with their clothing creations. They are great at sticking to their style and specific line and keeping the brides interested. Below are three of the many designers who are hugely popular and will definitely stay here. Check out what they are known and loved by so many brides for!

Vera Wang: Vera Wang is the undisputed queen of wedding dresses. Wang was a senior fashion editor at Fashion for 15 years and then Design Director for Ralph Lauren. Vera got engaged in 1989. She was frustrated with the wedding dress choices and decided to design her own. A year later she opened her first boutique. Vera is known for being on the cutting edge of bridal fashion. She has also created some controversial dresses. She is responsible for bringing the black wedding dress to life along with many other colors. She’s not afraid to step out of the box. Vera is also known for her edgy razor cuts and layered fabrics that are just stunning. She recently launched “White by Vera Wang” so that every bride can afford her creations. Their dresses range from $ 1,000 to over $ 40,000!

Maggie Sottero: Maggie Sottero is a name to be reckoned with in the bridal industry. Founded in 1997, Maggie tossed the rule book out the window and focused on making couture dresses any bride could afford. Even so, she in no way sacrifices quality and makes some stunning dresses. Maggie Sottero is known for her wide range of wedding attire styles. No matter what type of wedding dress you’re looking for, whether it’s a silhouette or an over-theme, Maggie will have you covered. The huge line is growing every year and it’s not going anywhere. Stunning wedding dresses start at just $ 800. The average price for Maggie dresses is $ 1200. For top notch design and style, this line just can’t be beat.

Monique Lhuillier: Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier actually have similar backgrounds. For example, when Monique was looking for her wedding dress in 1995, she was also surprised that there was a lack of fashionable bridal options. A year later, Monique launched her first bridal collection. Like Vera, celebrities flock to her wedding dress line too. Monique is known for her very feminine and romantic wedding dresses. She loves love and it shows in her beautiful clothing designs. She’s also a big fan of color, but different from Vera. She keeps the colors bright. Brides love her blushing pink wedding dresses as well as her lovely light blue approach. Monique is also known for her very soft fabrics and simple yet vintage looking dresses. However, if you want to wear them on your big day, you have to be ready to pay the price. The average Monique wedding dress starts at 10K.

Top wedding dress designer breakdown


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