For every Latter-day Saint, the Bride has a problem choosing her LDS wedding dress as their wedding approaches. The main question is whether you should choose a temple-ready wedding dress or wear a temple dress made specifically for your temple ceremony.

Read on as we discuss the options:

Wedding dress/gown

You can definitely choose a wedding dress for your special day, but as you know, there are certain requirements that the wedding dress must have if she is to wear it for the temple ceremony. In this case, it has to be “ready to use”.

To be “temple ready”, the following rules must be followed:

It must have long sleeves.

It can’t have a train.

It should have a floor-length skirt.

It should be white.

It should provide quite a bit of coverage without having a low cut front or backless appearance

Unfortunately, many wedding dresses don’t fit the profile above (in fact, they rarely do!). So what can you do?

One option if the dress is not ready to sleep is to wear a dickie over it or sleeve extensions, but these can be awkward and all those layers uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that in this case, nobody can see the wedding dress anyway!

You can also just buy one you love and have it customized to make it temple-ready. This is possible but be warned that adjustments may not always look perfect as you add parts such as sleeves to a dress that wasn’t there before.

You can choose a wedding dress that is NOT temple ready and put it on to be worn for wedding photos outside the temple and reception.

Even if you choose a dress that you only plan to wear outside of the temple, keep in mind that it still has to be modest like an LDS wedding dress should be! So you have to avoid dresses that are cut very low and aim for at least small sleeves.


You can wear your wedding dress in the temple ceremony when it is temple ready and doesn’t need to change.

Wedding dresses often look a little nicer in photos than a temple dress.

You have more freedom in choosing the wedding dress style.


You need to cover the dress if it is not ready to sleep, which means no one will see it

You may have to change your clothes during your day, which is a bit of a fuss

Temple dress

A temple dress makes your life easier and can most likely be delivered by the temple (if you don’t have one). This is because by wearing it you guarantee that there will be no problems for the temple ceremony such as B. changing a wedding dress or wearing a dickie.

Given that most people see you mostly outside the temple and at the front desk, if you can bear to change your clothes, have your cake and eat it! Go with the temple dress for the ceremony, but then choose a more elaborate wedding dress for pictures and your reception!


Simply and safely ready for use as a temple.

Most people will see you after the temple ceremony anyway.


You have to change your clothes at some point on a busy day.

You cannot wear your own wedding dress during the ceremony.

Overall, it is probably easier to choose a temple dress for your temple ceremony and switch to your wedding dress later, as a Mormon bride has many other things to keep in mind during the day too!

If you are wondering where to get a matching LDS wedding dress, online may work for you as it has stores here with many choices (many of which are suitable) and the lowest prices too!

LDS Wedding Dress: The Big Question, Temple Dress or Wedding Dress?


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