Katherine Middleton is the classic and conservative style icon of our time. But fashion critics seem to forget that words like “classic” or “conservative” are just more poetic words to describe their pretty fashions that are unimaginative and boring. Fashion critics are clearly commercial hacks who are just glorified advertisers for the fashion industry on Why Kate Middleton is the New Generation Top Fashion Icon. Their fashion choices are more marketable and represent more fashion on the catwalks.

Fashion critics often criticize fashion with the approach of salespeople for high fashion brands rather than true art professionals. An egregious example of the fashion world’s refusal to respect art is the excessive praise for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. That praise has often come at the expense of the reputation of more innovative British royal wedding dress designs.

Designers and fashion critics loved how Kate Middleton’s dress combined a modern aesthetic with the traditional wedding dress design. However, there is nothing innovative to combine traditional design with a modernized and simple style of fashion design. All fashion designs are either traditional, modern, or a combination of both types of design. Another way of describing “combining traditional and modern design” is to say that the dress “combines current fashion with fashion that has already been made”.

Nothing is particularly creative about this aspect as the designer of Alexander McQueen designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. This aspect of wedding dress design was the most admired aspect. This is likely because modernized, bespoke fashion is a hallmark of how Alexander McQueen’s design house designs fashion. The addition of modern tailoring to the dress gave the dress additional celebrity status, as modern tailoring and simplicity are Alexander McQueen’s signatures.

But mere fashion industry advertisers need to create a lot of hype around this trait of the dress in order to be salespeople for Alexander McQueen fashion and the fashion industry. Fashion critics must also claim to love fashion that is current in order to increase the sales of the fashion industry.

The best design element for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was how the royal wedding audience could see the lace design contrasting with Ms. Middleton’s peach skin. However, this is an unoriginal idea. This is the only way to make the lace design more vivid while maintaining the traditional monochromatic look that dresses must look like in order to qualify as traditional wedding dresses. Lace patterns are obviously the most beautiful aspect of traditional wedding dress design.

There is no other particularly beautiful or original feature of the Kate Middleton wedding dress other than the lace pattern that stands out against her skin. Sarah Ferguson’s royal wedding dress was far more original. It looked like a wedding dress that would appear in young girls’ wedding dreams.

The Sarah Ferguson royal wedding dress was the best royal wedding dress design of recent times. It was quirky and extravagantly detailed. It had a beautiful silhouette that looked curvier. There was a more dramatic move. The designer just didn’t get the praise Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer got for not looking as commercial or fashionable.

Kate Middleton’s overrated wedding dress


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