Strapless dresses are the most popular style, and this trend shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Although the majority of brides wear them, many brides don’t really know how a strapless dress should really fit. To make sure you don’t have any mishaps on your wedding day, here’s what every bride should know about putting on a strapless dress.

The first thing you need to know is that not all strapless dresses are created equal. And even if you’ve worn other strapless dresses like a prom dress or a summer dress, you may not know what to look for in a strapless wedding dress. This is because the weight and complex design of a wedding dress require a lot more structure to support than a regular dress does.

When buying a strapless wedding dress, the first thing to look at is the structure of the top. A strapless dress must be boned to prevent it from falling off. A bit of smocking or a stretchy neckline won’t be enough. Some of the inexpensive, mass-produced dresses may be missing from this structure. If you should fall in love with a dress like this, it is best for a seamstress to add spaghetti straps. A very pretty look is to add crystals or pearls to the straps to match your bridal jewelry.

Many of the most beautiful strapless dresses have an inner corset. This is a built-in boneless piece that fits very well at the waist and through the torso, while also allowing the dress to float over the structure of the corset. This is a great solution for making the boning less visible in a dress made of lightweight fabrics like organza.

An inner corset is also a great solution for a strapless dress with an empire waist, as just boning the empire seam under the bust is not enough to ensure that your dress stays on top! If you have a long torso, make sure the inner corset of your dress is ordered extra long. Otherwise, the corset will pull the bodice down to the waist, leaving too much free at the top of the bodice.

The number one thing that will keep your strapless wedding dress in place is that it fits snugly through the waist and at the top of the bodice. Clothes fitters are used to brides saying: “It’s so tight that I can hardly breathe!” If you want to breathe, don’t choose a strapless dress! As long as the seams don’t pull, it probably won’t be too tight. A well-fitting strapless dress should never fall off the top of your body, nor should you need duct tape to stick it to your skin!

The other problem that affects many brides is armpit squeezing caused by the top of the strapless dress fitting snugly against their body. The reality is that a little bit of squeezing is inevitable. It happens to every bride, no matter how thin. To minimize the occurrence of bruising, keep your upper arms slightly away from your body in photos.

Back fat is another thing that worries brides when wearing a fitted dress. The truth is, unlike the armpits, how tight you are makes a difference. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Brides who are very concerned about their backs may be better off choosing a wedding dress that can be a little looser, like a spaghetti strap. The other option is to work with a trainer to tone your back. Unlike the hips or stomach, this is one of the easier areas to make a difference. Once you are sucked into your dress, have someone run a finger over the back of the dress to redistribute the skin. It may sound strange, but it is actually a very simple solution to many “split back” cases.

The last thing to think about about your strapless wedding dress has nothing to do with fit. When choosing your bridal jewelry, make sure that you include a necklace. Otherwise, your dress will fit perfectly, but you will look naked in your close-ups!

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