Many brides will say that a custom dress is so much more appealing than simply limiting options to what is available at the bridal shop. The bespoke dress has many practical advantages. A perfect fit and individuality are probably the most attractive reasons to invest additional time and money in making this type of dress. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits.


Often times, wedding dresses bought off the shelf require adjustments. However, the bespoke dress is precisely tailored to your size and shape for the best possible fit. During the regular visits to the Faucet Seamstress, the bride will have the excitement of seeing the dress, created from first draft to completion.

Be unique

The bespoke dress will appeal to the bride looking for a really unique or bold look. Instead of using the traditional white or ivory colors, the unique look can be achieved with a dress in a bright color like scarlet, soft blue, emerald green or pink.

Accentuate functions

The bespoke dress is precisely tailored to the bride’s body shape, so there should be no problem creating a look that brings out the best features. For example, a bride with a triangular body can benefit from a dress that highlights the waist and widens the shoulder area. An apple-shaped body can benefit from a dress that adds visual elongation. An hourglass-shaped body looks better when both the upper and lower parts of the body are balanced, and the rectangular body looks better when balanced, it is possible to visually make the chest larger and hide a wide waist.

Buy locally

The process of creating a bespoke dress from scratch means it takes many face-to-face meetings with the designer. This usually means buying a dress locally, which can help trade in your area.

Create an heirloom

A unique wedding dress can be a wonderful heirloom that can be passed on to children in the future. It will create a great piece of nostalgia that will help you remember a wonderful event from the past. Alternatively, there is an option to resell the dress if there are no loved ones who would be interested in receiving it.

5 Benefits Of Buying A Custom Made Wedding Dress


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